A, B, C
You write words that change your life. Transform a relationship and renew yourself.

Three letters, the beginning, the essential. “Dear…”: this is how the letter for an affection or for a person who has played an important role in your life begins. Here commences an introspective exploration on the traces of the incomplete. Follow them to express what once was silenced. To eliminate a resentment. To open doors to what seems impossible. To be grateful. To rectify a situation. To ask for forgiveness. To offer it. Rewrite the authentic pleasure of a denied emotion, transform a relationship and renew yourself.

The idea of A, B, C is the beauty and strength of the act of writing a letter, of its details and rituals, a simple habit, handed down and “slow”. You dedicate time, care and attention to valuable people, alive or missed. And, before that, you dedicate them to yourself: you rewrite selected chapters of your life, take the opportunity to evolve, be aware of your emotions, rediscover the empathy of the other’s point of view and give new life to the relationships that are important for you. A, B, C is a prelude, the beginning of something, it’s the experience I created to make you look at certain moments of your past with a new light and to lead you into your future, beyond what you thought you couldn’t embrace or reach.

Imagine: you open your home letterbox and find a letter sent by yourself. Or from a loved one. How amazing!
Science proves that writing convinces your mind and that what you tell yourself creates meaning in your life. History tells of letters that have marked the world. The world. You write words that change your life.

What it gives youA new you, regenerated meaningful relationships.
What you doWrite and send three letters to three people who matter and decide what meaning and consequences they have within you and your life.
Who participatesYou.
What it isCoaching meetings in person and/or online.