A Steady Motto
A prominent statement which speeds up decision-making processes and guides future choices. A sense of belonging to your community. Guidance for the soul, and serenity for the mind.

I wish to see you achieve complete harmony, both personally and professionally, so that your success will always be accompanied by a fulfilling life. I want you to have clarity and precedence in the decisions you make and your children greater future direction. I would like you and all of us to feel a sense of belonging within our communities, from our family to our country.

This is why I have created A Steady Motto, a “tailor-made” experience to rediscover individual and shared values and identities, and to inspire your path as a leader. Are you ready to share emotions, hopes, beliefs, intentions, motivations and goals? All of this translates into a prominent statement – the ‘motto’ – which speeds up decision-making processes and guides future choices, for you and those around you. The motto is stability, it is adhesion, it is continuity, it is reference, it is a pulling force. It is a mirror in which to recognise yourselves, to consider and discover who you are. For you and your spheres of influence (family, business and communities), A Steady Motto is particularly effective in any context that values involvement and awareness of a common identity and vision.

“The stars will wheel forth from their daytime hiding place; and one of those lights, slightly brighter than the rest… will be my wingtip passing over”. Everyday life is fragmented and subjected to continuous stress and distraction, as portrayed in the film “Up in the Air”, starring George Clooney. This is why I want to offer you guidance for the soul, and serenity for the mind.

What it gives youA clear direction, a close family, a cohesive company, focused employees, a sense of belonging to your community.
What you doDevelop a prominent statement, the motto, and identify the method of reproduction and presentation.
Who participatesYou and any small group of identified family members or colleagues, as appropriate.
What it isCoaching meetings in person and/or online.