As The First Day
As The First Day
Choose how to rewrite yourself. The blank page liberates you, uncovers your strong spirit and reveals your most intimate essence. Full stop, new line.

Undress, without concern. Choose to bare yourself, put away the armour of your everyday life and put aside what you have worn so far. Your present past, your loved ones, your work, your education, your spirituality, your culture, your country, your city, your home. Everything. The blank page liberates you, uncovers your strong spirit and reveals your most intimate essence. Now observe who you are and imagine who you want to be. Slowly, dress yourself again.

As The First Day is the opportunity to choose, connect with and get to know yourself in depth, clarify and focus on who you are, what you want and what is important, contemplate your future, change direction, emerge with a renewed vision, strengthen serenity and resilience. The crossroads is behind you, the fog has thinned, you have reached the turning point, whether personal or professional! As The First Day is a totally “tailor-made” experience in which you literally live a new life, for a defined time and with a specific goal. You decide on details and arrangements. You decide how much to undress. And, while you change your routine and savour the effects and emotions related to change, I am your mirror and I reflect who you are becoming.

When you relocate, you learn to pick and choose, to make room, to set aside, to eliminate. You learn to give value to objects and classify memories. You learn to design, to rebuild, to seize opportunities. In the same way, in As The First Day you choose how to rewrite yourself by starting a new sentence, a new paragraph, a new page, a new chapter, a new book. Full stop, new line.

What it gives youA new, clear and true self or chapter of your life.
What you doA new life conceived from scratch, to be lived for a defined time and choose who you are or your new chapter in life.
Who participatesYou.
What it isCoaching meetings in person and/or online.