Decision Squared
An innovative opportunity for corporate governance that brings debating into corporate decision-making. An authentic and conscious decision-making capacity.

Imagine: what would happen if you changed your mind about a meaningful choice, during an in-company debate? Discover it with Decision Squared, by relying on an authentic and conscious decision-making capacity that stimulates trust and inclusiveness.

Decision Squared is an innovative opportunity for corporate governance that brings coaching into the debate and debating into corporate decision-making. It is based on Vebate, the event format that I designed and introduced within YPO, the premier organisation of leaders and CEOs in the world. It is a revolutionary method to make decisions in those organizations that seek a more empathetic management style, greater consensus, motivation and involvement of their employees and more cohesive decision-making bodies. Companies in which diversity is wealth. Decision Squared is a Vebate, an interactive debate, with an initial and final vote, which allows you to evaluate ideas and opinions of two opposing positions and of the selected audience, to acquire useful information or to make a conscious and authentic choice.

Every day you take on average 35,000 conscious decisions, of which many are in the professional environment. Don’t you think that some of them deserve more attention and to be taken in a different way, with complete awareness of your true opinions and of those who matter to you? Since 1997 even American astronauts in space have voted: now it’s your turn to value the opinions of the stakeholders that you have alongside you.

What it gives youA conscious and authentic business decision that determines consensus, inclusiveness and cohesion among your employees.
What you doTake part in a company debate on a decision with 2 opposing positions.
Who participatesYou and the small or large group of employees selected according to the debated decision.
What it isA moderated debate, in person or online, with 2 opponents and an audience, questions, closing arguments and polls.