The strength of one of your thoughts dedicated to others. Returns to you and transforms you. A simple act, a profound impact.

Amaze. And amaze yourself. The delight is maintained in your choices, without the need for sensational gestures. It is the strength of one of your thoughts dedicated to others, the desire to express it and the recognition of a benefit received. It goes beyond your own interest and, like a boomerang launched towards an extended horizon, it touches those around you, returns to you and transforms you, bringing with it authenticity, harmony, contentment and well-being.

Dedication is a gift of yours surrounded by a motive, for an important person to whom you decide to express gratitude: the elderly parent, your employee (perhaps in the process of professional relocation or who is retiring), the relative, the friend. It means dedication and it means commitment, that which we all deserve without boundaries, which accompanies meaning and releases enthusiasm, motivation, passion and care every morning. In Dedication I support the important person you have chosen to identify for themselves a project or activity “for life” and to find out how to make it happen and take it forward.

Leaders who say “thank you” to their employees receive more involvement, loyalty, commitment and performance from them. This is just one of the results of numerous neuroscientific studies on the positive effects of gratitude. There is evidence that it affects relationships and human well-being (less stress, a stronger immune system, improved sleep quality, etc.). A simple act, a profound impact. Stop, identify, act. There is an important person around you who is waiting to thank you for the wonderful gift they received that changed their life.

What it gives youA dedicated and fulfilled relevant person or loved one, mental/emotional well-being, a positive outplacement tool for the company.
What you doYou give a gift (me), the selected person identifies his/her new significant project to devote themselves to and the way to make it happen.
Who participatesThe loved one or selected individual of personal or professional interest.
What it isCoaching meetings in person and/or online.