My Gutting-Edge Board Of Directions
Boost your intuition and witness what it can generate. When you make "gut feeling" decisions you create wonder.

Science allows us to evolve. As a leader, your insight makes the difference and when you make “gut feeling” decisions you create wonder in yourself and all around. Take care of your intuition and witness what it can generate: broad visions, widespread creativity, spontaneous inspiration, surprising clarity and driving ambition. The enteric nervous system consists of 500 million neurons and is called the “sixth sense” or “second brain”: what impact do you think it can have?

My Gutting-Edge Board of Directions is a two-step experience. The first aims to maximise your underlying intuitive abilities and is dedicated to the health of your “second brain”, with personalised advice on nutrition, travel, physical activity and anything else that affects it. Subsequently, when the benefits begin to show themselves, I support you in creating your action board which visually reproduces the action plan towards your goals and in your relationships, in the most effective way according to the latest developments in neuroscience.

As a baby you are happy when you are full and sad when you are hungry or colic. The gut-brain relationship is primordial, strong and direct. As a child you are a creative genius: according to a test developed and conducted by Dr. George Land and commissioned by NASA, 98% of children are (at 30 the percentage drops to 2%). As an adult, boost your intuition and be an inspired leader!

What it gives youA distinguished instinctive ability to make “gut decisions”, a scientific direction in actions and relationships, creativity and inspiration.
What you doFollow personalised “second brain” health advice and create a panel that visually reproduces action plans.
Who participatesYou.
What it isCoaching meetings in person and/or online, within a development process in phases-objectives.