My Personal Hubs
An oasis in your life. A moment of respite, inspiration, mutual support for you and your stakeholders, in which unity is strength.

An oasis in your private life and in your work environment: a moment of respite, openness, intimacy, inspiration, suggestion, empathic confrontation, mutual support and sharing, for you and your stakeholders. A moment in which unity is strength and the group of people consolidates, building profound and genuine bonds which indelibly affect cohesion, inclusion, trust and performance.

My Personal Hubs is a recurring occurrence in which I invite you to gather a small circle of family, friends, your corporate decision-making body, one or more teams of colleagues, for a mutual update in the identified personal and professional key areas. A moderated group conversation, with emphasis on emotions, in an atmosphere of active listening, confidentiality and no judgment, resulting in individual action plans and the exploration of a meaningful topic of choice. My Personal Hubs is a tested interaction model, rich in precious soft skills and inspired by some of the most effective practices for the continuous improvement of leadership in small groups, interpersonal dynamics and personal transformation.

Every time you hurry off and venture into a new day, you have the reference and the incentive of a hub in which to return to open up, recharge, clear your head, renew yourself, collect ideas for your future “destinations” and start again. Just like the “flower” of arrows of destinations at the end of an airline magazine: multiple points of arrival, one starting point.

What it gives youA cohesive reference group, effective and ambitious action plans, soft skills including EI, communication skills, recurring inspiration.
What you doAn updating in key areas, an action plan, an in-depth exploration of a significant topic.
Who participatesYou and any small group of identified family members or colleagues.
What it isA recurring, tested and moderated micro-forum in person and/or online.