Details make a difference. You cannot identify them by yourself. They become turning points of excellence for you.

“Details make a difference and difference is always made by the person who notices them, the details”. Ever heard of it? It applies to everyone, even you. They are preludes: those details that make it happen, change, open, unlock and turn good into excellent. They are often small, but you cannot identify them by yourself: you need an external observer, emotionally detached, free to perceive and responsive in complex and changing contexts. I will lead you to notice the details, you will decide what they mean.

A shadow coaching experience that shows you the dynamics and micro-behaviours that determine excellence and success. With Smartspotting I’ll stand alongside you “in the shadows”, in silence and in the field, in your daily work or during a meaningful event (a meeting, a performance, a negotiation, etc.) and observe how you act, how you relate and communicate with your counterparties, in the professional situation chosen according to your objectives. I also consider the context and the parties involved. From observation comes feedback, focused on those details of both you and the context which become turning points for you.

A simple comic book convinced my daughter to sleep in her bed. An equally simple change of venue of the meetings unblocked the negotiation for a minority acquisition of 480 million euros, concluded with a share purchase agreement of just 5 pages and without a shareholders’ agreement.

What it gives youFocused and hitherto hidden details of professional excellence, turnaround and success.
What you doNote the details relevant to your goal and decide what meaning and consequences they have, both for you and in your work.
Who participatesYou or any selected employee, as applicable.
What it is“Shadowing” beside you (working day or specific event) and coaching meetings in person and/or online.