Three Hands Around The Clock
Three Hands
The words of others, which have the power to unlock your next significant step. The beauty of receiving a moment dedicated to you.

You are the oracle, you show the answer, you advise and suggest, you give the green light and it is always you who anticipates and determines future events. As a leader this is a common role for you: you are trained to give directions on decisions to be made, you are respected and listened to.

With Three Hands Around The Clock I want you to set aside that role for one day and experience asking for help and advice, experience the impact and enrichment of receiving meaningful support in your personal or professional life. To change perspective, to strengthen important relationships, to increase knowledge, to stimulate creativity, to achieve enlightenment, savouring the beauty of receiving a moment dedicated to you and of being grateful to someone. Choose the ideal location, gather around you people you appreciate, trust and believe can be valuable and share your doubt with them. Alone, with your family or with selected colleagues. I facilitate the process, to build a moment of openness, authenticity, clarity, change and to enhance your reflection on the words of others, which have the power to unlock your next significant step.

Even superheroes (and coaches…) have dilemmas! Imagine being Peter Parker (alias Spider-Man) and having just discovered your superpowers. Extraordinary abilities give rise to great responsibilities: do you respond to the moral obligation to use them in support of the community or do you keep them for yourself and continue your life?

What it gives youA significant dilemma resolved and important relationships strengthened, at a personal, family or professional level.
What you doIdentify and gather people you value, question them and receive valuable advice.
Who participatesYou, the relevant small group of family members or colleagues, if applicable, and the selected individuals you value.
What it isA coaching meeting in person or online.