"Be Extraordinary Individuals"
To: business leaders, high performers, notable representatives of the political, social and economic communities and human resources directors.

How am I the leader who inspires and makes the difference? How do I create unique connections in my professional relationships? How do emotions become an exponential competitive advantage in my business? How can I permanently impact cohesion, trust, engagement and performance of the people in my organisation? The answers await you.

Starting from the three continuous pulling forces of leadership (excellence, authenticity and purpose) as a general guideline, the speech focuses on the authenticity of the leader and analyses its significance and elements: not only skills, values and identity but also emotions and vulnerability. Subsequently, it explores its practical application to the person and to the business both internally to employees and externally to customers, highlighting the impact of authenticity on personal fulfillment and the way in which it becomes a competitive advantage for the company. Finally, through personalised illustrations, public video content and a personal touching experience, the speech invites the audience to share personal vulnerabilities and illustrates live its importance, reasons and effects.

“An incredible speech, enlightening” Felipe/Brazil, “I found it of great value and incisiveness: it makes one think” Rima/Nigeria, “Many are now deciding which actions to take within their organisations” Fella/United Kingdom, “Amazing script, plot and structure” Nirit/Israel. The comments inspire you.

What it gives youA meaningful evolution of your leadership, emotions as a competitive advantage and a cohesion tool for the company, the strength of your personal fragility.
What you doPromote and/or join the event and share personal vulnerabilities.
Who participatesYou and the invited group of identified leaders.
What it isA speech from me in person or online.