Preludes Authenticity Purpose Excellence

A prelude anticipates and predicts a notable occurrence or behaviour, by introducing or directing.
In music, preludes are short compositions, followed by the main work of art, or are independent pieces.

PRELUDES is an ongoing collection of purposeful coaching experiences, created by Gerardo Segat specifically for leaders and high performers, for their families and their businesses, to impact their personal and professional lives, meaningfully and insightfully.

Each experience contains its own intent and is a prelude to the personal transformation and improvement that follow. Moreover, each one directs, prepares, initiates and accelerates the path of the leader to the meta and consequently towards an extraordinary world where the leader being is connected to the human being and its humanity.

The Meta

PRELUDES invites leaders and high performers to be extraordinary individuals and to respond to the three perpetual pulling forces of leadership:
Excellence – in their actions, performance, skills and abilities.
Authenticity – within their values, identity, emotions and personal vulnerabilities.
Purpose – the ultimate goal, going beyond themselves at a personal and professional level.

The collection of experiences includes journeys, events, creative processes and resources that have a meaningful impact and a different focus on the pursuit of one or more of these essential states of being, by the leader and his restricted circles of influence.

The experiences are addressed differently to the individual, the family and the business, representing also, in the latter case, a wide range of creative tools that decidedly generate, guide, facilitate and optimise growth, change and innovation processes as well as the management and development of human resources.

To extend its effectiveness and applicability, PRELUDES is periodically enriched with new experiences in response to new insights developed and tested.