"It's OK Not To Be OK"
To: business leaders, high performers, notable representatives of the political, social and economic communities and human resources directors.

How are authenticity and vulnerability key factors of my leadership? How do I turn my biggest limitation into the pinnacle of strength and self-confidence? How do I educate and take care of my mind? How do I prevent, manage and overcome anxiety and stress riding the wave of uncertainty? The answers await you.

“I did not know what it was nor what to do. Alone, in my room, I cried. The fall of my tears, the rise of my soul”. I have lived half of my life with OCD, a common anxiety mental disorder, my “monster”. I share my personal experience and what I learned on the field, including how to overcome “monsters” such as fears, traumas, disorders, imperfections, addictions, etc. I also talk about the mind and mental health, a taboo. To raise education and awareness, to stimulate action and care and to inspire on being authentic and sharing vulnerability.

“Of all the speeches I have attended this year, yours is the one I will always remember” Jamie/United Kingdom, “Long awaited, it can really be a source of inspiration” Laura/United States, “One of those speeches that are never forgotten: he reveals how authenticity and vulnerability are so closely connected with leadership” Denise/Germany, “His talk made us all cry! He was great!” Ammar/France. The comments inspire you.

What it gives youA meaningful evolution of your leadership, great insight from direct experience on how to master your mind, surf uncertainty and turn your weak point upside down.
What you doPromote and/or join the event and share personal vulnerabilities.
Who participatesYou and the invited group of identified leaders.
What it isA speech from me in person or online.