Loud and clear who you are, what you want and what you do. Preludes takes you to deep Authenticity, pushing you beyond your abilities, your values and your identity. Find out below where it reveals itself and how to welcome it.

Discovering a guiding motto, from personal to supranational.
Enlightening corporate decisions through private voting debates.
Sharing vulnerability and practicing mindcare at work.
Having an authentic, purposeful discussion at home and at work.
Turning the greatest weakness into the greatest strength.
Actions driven by core desired feelings in all key areas of life.
Enhancing gut decision-making ability.
Getting closer to clients by placing emotions at the centre of conversations/meetings.
Going back to handwritten letters to renew oneself and meaningful relationships.
Expressing gratitude to a close stakeholder by giving the gift of a purposeful project.
Discovering new extensions of being in nature, communities and spirituality.
Designing and temporarily living a new life to connect with the true self.
Solving key dilemmas through valuable trusted advice.
Aligning individual factors of influence to desires.