The Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt
Choose actions according to emotional objectives. A unique vision that is never so clear, broad and authentic.

We feel, we live, we arouse emotions. Let’s go further: let’s talk emotions, our native language. I want you to notice how, consequently, it eloquently changes your game and your action plan, thanks to a unique vision that is never so clear, broad and authentic. More targeted, more effective, more incisive, more creative, more far-sighted, more ambitious. I let you enjoy success, achievement and all the other personal and professional results naturally derived from it, by you and those around you.

I invite you to put aside your what goals, the usual ones, numbers and factual, and instead choose actions and behaviour based upon how goals, of your desired feelings and emotions. In The Treasure Hunt you design and update the map: the relevant areas of your life, the emotions and sensations you feel today, the ones you want tomorrow and how you arrive at this treasure, and glancing at those of your stakeholders. In doing so you take care of, arouse and educate your emotions actively, like you do with your body and your mind. It is no coincidence that science speaks of emotional well-being and highlights its decisive impact on health and achievements. It is no coincidence that you use the adverbs “emotional” and “sensational” to characterise wonder.

I brought you an amuse-bouche. Ask yourself these questions consecutively before the next important work meeting: How do I want to feel during and after the meeting? What emotions do I want to have? And what emotions would I like the other participants to feel? So, what do I do from now to make that happen?

What it gives youUnique visions in the personal and professional sphere, creative, ambitious and incisive action plans, EI, emotional well-being.
What you doIdentify current and desired core feelings in selected areas, decide action plans and monitor and update them.
Who participatesYou.
What it isCoaching meetings in person and/or online, within a process of analysis, development and update in phases-objectives.