The Method (Preluding)

“Every great change is simple”

PRELUDES embraces an innovative, specifically designed approach to personal transformation and change-making which intends to elicit them comfortably, “as a natural consequence of …”.

To this end, the method focuses on the specific objective desired, rather than on the person or technique used: the experiences are targeted, so as to generate meaningful impact in a limited period, thereby enhancing the resource time.

In particular, PRELUDES has and goes beyond the imprint of professional coaching by:

  • personalising details and designing bespoke experiences around specific predefined objectives;
  • adding incisive settings, objectives and features to powerful questioning, tools and processes, to stimulate the desired change;
  • disrupting common professional practices, such as welcoming adversity and vulnerability as opportunities for exponential transformation;
  • changing features of coaching tools and processes, for example by converting imaginary “as if” scenarios into real contexts, to decisively support the achievement of the objective;
  • diversifying the process by combining coaching with other change-making tools and techniques such as training, facilitating, debating, public speaking, video content, storytelling, mentoring, consulting, handwriting and counselling;
  • enriching the experience through the skills of other carefully selected professionals;
  • drawing on meaningful personal, professional and educational experience, as well as distinctive individual talents such as creativity, insight, acumen and attention to detail;
  • accelerating the process and impact.