A modus-place where opinions meet and empathetically confront each other, convictions change, people evolve, acting as a prelude to conscious, authentic and altruistic decisions.

There often existed, despite the recurrent and punctual reminders of mother nature, even recent, the world of (un)certainty. It was inhabited by the leader ego, endowed with a marked ability to erect varied protective parentheses: to prevail, judge, connote, diverge, convince, control, appear, be liked, destroy, predict, influence, be influenced, exhort one’s greatness, all, light and supreme. It was a bipolar world: the positive pole, also known as right, and the negative pole, otherwise known as wrong. Between the two poles mother nature, land of adventure.

Vebate is an original public debate format for today’s creative, conscious, curious and collaborative leaders, which aims to connect decision making to the human being (decision maker and decision taker) and its humanity. A meaningful and topical subject, carefully chosen and represented, two opposing positions, two prominent supporters selected, a targeted and relevant audience of decision makers, a moderator coach. The structure of the debate emphasises the engagement through questions and votes from participants. The setting and attention to detail prepare and amplify the depth and effectiveness of the debate, thanks also to a widespread and accurate sensory activation. Creativity, depth, contrast and diversity are present in the entire structure and dynamics of the event.

“Regenerate sustainable sources vs. degenerate unsustainable waste”, “We want to replace fancy bridges and windows on euro notes with meaningful, “A risky privacy or a safety track?, “A blazing electric car: are you sure?”, “My kids wear a scarf in August. Mine instead go naked in December”, “Swiss creativity vs. Italian efficiency”, “Live to the full!…Or as at the start?”, “Superman vs. Vulnerableman”.

What it gives youA relevant and meaningful evolution of your person, your leadership, your opinions and your decisions.
What you doPromote and/or take part as an audience or guest in a Vebate debate.
Who participatesYou and the targeted group of decision makers or colleagues identified according to the debated topic.
What it isA moderated Vebate debate, in person or online, on a topic of personal, professional or corporate interest.