Influencing My Influencers
Influencing My Influencer
You experience the effectiveness of taking responsibility and you realise how much depends on you. You re-establish the balance and accelerate your decision-making processes.

As a leader, you inspire, motivate, enhance, enable and stimulate. In two words: you influence. Turn the perspective upside down: and you, by whom and what are you conditioned? Being permeable is a gift and it is an expression of the strength of your vulnerability and the stamp of your authenticity. Why stand still or instinctively run away from the uncontrolled or the controlling, giving up one’s complete freedom? Hold your judgment and focus your attention on your behaviour.

That’s why I created Influencing My Influencers, an experience of empowerment to align influencing factors with desires and goals, on an individual, family and business level. Take the opportunity to reinvigorate the positive factors and shape the negative ones to your liking and favour. Initially, you strengthen awareness and acceptance of thoughts, beliefs, opinions, events, people, contexts and anything else that affects your personal and professional life. Then you experience the effectiveness of taking responsibility, you change your judgment about what is happening and you realise how much depends on you. By doing so you re-establish the balance with the influencing factors, become independent, build realistic and authentic expectations and accelerate your decision-making processes.

Your coach influences you positively. What are you doing to maximise their impact? How you set yourself, how you prepare for and approach the meeting, the place, the frequency, how open, present and honest you are, how much you respect your commitment. You remunerate a professional, you have expectations. However, who is the one directly concerned who wants a change of life? If the coach’s impact is amplified, who benefits?

What it gives youA chosen and conscious dependence on factors of influence, balance and accelerated decision-making processes, at a personal, family or professional level.
What you doIdentify the influencing factors, enhance the positives, shape the negatives and align them all with desires and objectives.
Who participatesYou and any small group of identified family members or colleagues, as appropriate.
What it isCoaching meetings in person and/or online, within a process of analysis and development in phases-objectives.